Knight In Dark Armour


My Knight, you have arrived!


Yesterday, you rode a white horse,

Seduced me with hypnotic promises,

Boldly conquered my resistance.


Yesterday, I swept up to your side,

Propelled by your false strength,

A wild bird soaring in flight.


Today, you are an unmasked stranger,

Fury, blind jealousy behind your disguise,

Brutal fists, nightmarish reality.


Today, I cringe and weep fearful tears,

Crushed beneath your black boots,

A victim of your loveless charms.


Tomorrow, you will soothe my sadness,

Satan-soft vows of repentance,

Wilted roses in your outstretched hands.


Tomorrow, I’ll ride nervously by your side,

My eyes on a bleak horizon,

Captured and broken, a bird in a cage.


My Knight, I have died!


By Cara Swann