Welcome to Ruth’s Women’s Shelter Cairns Inc.

Ruth’s Women’s Shelter is a feminist not for profit organization that provides secure crisis accommodation ensuring optimum safety, guidance and support to women and children escaping Domestic Violence and Family Violence. Ruth’s has been operating since 1977 thanks to the foresight of the four women founders, Ruth Thomas, Pat O’Hara, Joan Trewern and Jean Bleyerveld who initially formed the Women’s Electoral Lobby in Cairns in 1975. 

Ruth’s has had ‘3 births’ in relation to accommodation with the first two being houses and the current property being purpose built for the Shelter to provide 6 individual rooms to house 6 families with common areas, eg, kitchens, lounge rooms, children play areas. We believe women desire to live a life free of violence and we assist women to work towards this goal by providing the following in a non-judgmental, respectful and dignified environment.

    • safe and secure accommodation
    • information
    • referral to relevant Services
    • 24 hour support
    • practical assistance
    • emotional support
    • confidentiality and privacy