“Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to staff of the DV Network and staff of Ruth’s Women Shelter”

The staff were friendly and supportive in all the decisions I made. I am so appreciative of their support and understanding. I feel I am ready to experience life in Australia again”

“The staff and the other residents helped me so much. The staff have developed an excellent culture of respect, tolerance and fairness as well as a friendly compassionate environment.”

“When I arrived I was despairing of the future, highly anxious and lost – I feel so much more confident now.”

” Couldn’t believe that their were other women and children in a situation like mine, knowing we were safe”

” I stayed for 2 weeks and the support I received. the confidence to say what I felt – I will never look back.”

” Listening to my problems, understanding how I feel and assisting me immediately with my doubts. I found my stay very helpful and professional”

” I never knew this kind of service existed. I think there are other ladies who don’t know also and are too scared to come out. I thank you for allowing me to help myself”

” It was a good place to regroup start to put some things behind me + move towards”

” It is the little significant things that make a difference”

” The people in charge were very friendly and non judgmental, explained everything and showed me around”

” Thanks for all your support”

What things did you find difficult during your stay at the shelter?

– ” Loneliness / isolation from family and familiar things”

– ” Nothing really, just worried about finding a place of my own”

This is a clean and pleasant refuge, it was good to regroup and start to put some things behind me and move forward.