Womens Words

Its kicked in…………………………oblivion

i can’t feel your punches anymore

i can see you from deep within

i’ve left, checked out, till it’s all over

it’s only the way i survive living this life

there’s no room on this body of mine

to hang your abusive diatribe

words, past and present, fill up all the spaces

the only thing to release them were your loving embraces

but they no longer exist, i no longer experience bliss

you think you have me where you want me

i’ll play along with that, OK?

but the time’s coming, you’ll be surprised

cause i will disappear from your life

that’s a guarantee, providing i survive

Written by kateA (seekingkate)

My Broken Heart

Here I sit with my broken heart

My children asleep, as it is now dark

Feeling alone – not just physically apart

Hoping in vain of our new start

But knowing inside, it is a lot to ask…

So with that thought in mind

I think of my tomorrow

And leave our yesterdays behind

With me and mine and my broken heart…

But I know that in the morning the sun will shine

And break through the dark that has been mine

And lead me further away I pray

From my broken heart and all “our” yesterdays…

by Rachael Murray